Monday, 4 November 2013

Portishead Shingle bank 02-11-13

Having some left over bait
and with the forecast this time being
very correct. I decided that this spot on a 13 meter tide was the 
spot to try.
It is usually a good spot to get out of the worst of the wind
but it was not to be.

Getting down there at around 3.30 pm. 
I used the same rigs as before.

Well with the wind bomb bursting over the 
hill it got pretty bad quickly.
Weed was a problem from the off.
It dragged 190 gram gripper leads
with ease. So straight off I lost a rig.
This spot does not usually get that bad.
After a while  the wind started blowing the 
rods and rest over in very strong gusts.
After another two rigs being lost, and
the tide rising faster than expected I decided 
that was enough. I packed up
at 4.30, high water was at 6.15pm.

Just as well, as by the time I was 
going through Portishead the heavens opened
and it got very wet. 
Only the 2nd time I have chickened out
during a session.

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